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Welcome! Established in 1994, Galeria Aniela won the trust of some of the most important Australian artists from post-WWII up until today, built a reputation within Australia and the wide world. A pioneer from its inception, Galeria Aniela was the first commercial art gallery exhibiting for public display and acquisition museum-quality art outside the metropolitan area, in Kangaroo Valley, one of the most beautiful locations in the world, a top 10 holiday destination in Australia. With the intention to inspire and motivate collecting authentic, original works of art, Galeria Aniela presents high-quality exhibitions, each year, recognising the value of art and the reputation of the artists exhibiting with us.

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The Best of Boyd Exhibition


Arthur Boyd 1920-1999 David Boyd 1924-2011 Jamie Boyd B.1948 Guy Boyd 1923-1988 Lenore Boyd B.1954 Tessa Perceval B.1947

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A Weekend of The Best of Boyd in Galeria Aniela coup the front page The Sydney Morning Herald Sat 17 May 1997

Jamie Boyd, aniela Kos, Cameron O'ReillyClan gathers for an all-Boyd show
By Angela Bennie - Arts Writer

“This is just perfect” said Arthur Boyd, “I think we had better make a habit of it.”

He is gazing out at the hills of Kangaroo Valley, shrouded in yesterday’s rain and mist. Beside him stand his son, Jamie and his grandson, Alexander.

All three are surrounded from floor to ceiling by paintings, some stacked against the walls, other hanging from them; the shelves and stairwell rails are covered in small sculptures and the garden outside is dotted in large bronzes.

All bear the mark of Boyd.

Whether the faces gazing out the window, or the art lining the gallery walls, or the landscape outside, there is no mistaking it.

This is Boyd territory.

Where better, then, to exhibit for the first time six Boyd’s all together under one roof?

Tomorrow, an exhibition of some 80 paintings and 40 bronze sculptures from members of distinguished family opens at the Galeria Aniela in Kangaroo Valley, not far from the Boyd Shoalhaven home Bundanon, which Arthur Boyd and his wife Yvonne donated to the nation in 1993.

The exhibition will include works of Arthur, his brothers David and Guy, his son Jamie, his niece Lenore (daughter of Guy) and his niece Tessa Perceval (daughter of his sister Mary and artist John Perceval).

Arthur Boyd, Bride and Serpent, painted 1995 of his famous Bride seriesAmong the oils are six from Arthur Boyd Magic Flute Series and a new work, Bride and Serpent, painted 1995, in which the artists revisits the imaginary of his famous Bride series.

Thirty four paintings are from David Boyd and there are seven bronzes by Guy Boyd. One – a bust of Arthur cast by Guy just before he died in 1988 - is being exhibited publicly for the first time.

Jamie Boyd, who had an exhibition at the gallery last year, has flown out especially from London in time for the opening, as has his son Alexander, a musician, who is also here for a series of concerts in Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne; while Lenore will travel from Melbourne and David from Sydney to join their clan.

The typical Boyd imaginary floats up from canvases while the Boyd voices float in the air around the gallery.

“It is quite strange” says Alexander. “I have never seen so many collected together in one place. They are different in style, but what is interesting is you can see the family resemblance.”

“It is a bit revelation for me,” says Jamie. “I have seen them in each other houses. But this is different. You tend to look with more critical eye. You see a lot of similarities, and then recognise family traits and think, oh, I see, so that’s where that comes from.”

“Oh, it’s just marvelous” says Arthur. “There is unity here. There is a spirit running through all the stuff that is peculiar to the family that is what it is.” The patriarch peers out at the hills one more. “I think we should do this again.”


Coup the front page  The iconic Front page from the Sydney Morning Herald,  Saturday 17 May, 1997 photograph by Palani Mohan

Best of Boyd - Arthur Boyd, his grandson, Alexander, and son Jamie, were at Galeria Aniela in Kangaroo Valley yesterday preparing for an exhibition tomorrow of 80 paintings and 40 bronze sculptures – all produced by members of the Boyd family. “This is just perfect,” said Arthur Boyd, “I think we had better make a habit of it.”


Best of Boyd exhibition open by Cameron O'Reilly, Deputy Chairman of the National Gallery of Australia

The Boyd clan chosen Galeria Aniela to hold a major show - the six members of the Boyd family exhibit together under one roof for the first time!


The Best of Boyd exhibition filmed by the ABC TV Australian National News as well as the the ABC TV Sunday Afternoon

VIDEO: ABC TV Australian National News Best of Boyd show in Galeria Aniela

 VIDEO: ABC TV Sunday Afternoon Best of Boyd in Galeria Aniela

Arthur Boyd at Galeria Aniela in Kangaroo Valley preparing for an exhibition of 80 paintings and 40 bronze sculptures – all produced by members of the Boyd family. “This is just perfect,” said Arthur Boyd, “I think we had better make a habit of it.”


VIDEO: ABC TV Australian National News John Perceval Retrospective in Galeria Aniela

The vision of Galeria Aniela is to inspire and motivate acquiring authentic, ethically sourced art for the pleasure it gives, and to increase the awareness of the significant cultural contribution of International artists and Australian artists, and in particular Australian Indigenous artists, as a result artists can make living with their creations.

We are committed to established dynamic artists who supported Galeria Aniela from its inception and have made significant contribution to International art and Australian culture such as Charles Blackman, Arthur Boyd and Jamie Boyd, Lenore Boyd and David Boyd, Pamela Griffith, Deborah Halpern, Robin Holliday, Lily Kelly Napangardi, Ningura Napurrula, Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa aka Mrs. Bennett, Wentja Napaltjarri, Regina Noakes, Nancy Ross Nunguarrayi, John Olsen, John Perceval, Gloria Petyarre, Alan Somerville, Garry Shead, and admire Sidney Nolan, Brett Whiteley and many others.

Modern and contemporary quality paintings and sculptures are displayed in three expansive light-filled exhibition rooms and an extensive stockroom also sculpture park. Galeria Aniela aim to be a place of experience and inspiration through art collections, sculpture park, exhibitions, programs, sharing knowledge, research and assistance.

With a wide network of resources and over 20 years’ experience in the World Art Market, we combine the knowledge of art and financial expertise, we are delighted to assist clients who acquire art for the pleasure it gives, and educational opportunities to all sectors of the public.

We recognize the importance of the buyer confidence in securing authentic, original and genuine works of art of impeccable provenance, shipping worldwide.

Whether you are a first time buyer, an enthusiastic collector or an astute investor, our people focused approach ensures an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Galeria Aniela offers an opportunity to purchase museum-quality, authentic, ethically sourced, genuine art of impeccable provenance, shipping worldwide. We provide guidance for collectors and investors who acquire works of art for the pleasure it gives. Please visit our gallery showrooms or phone +612 4465 1494


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