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Founded in 1994, Galeria Aniela won the trust of some of the most important Australian artists from the post WWII until today. The BOYD family held their first group exhibition on site. Sir David Attenborough and Hon. Bob Hawke have been guests. Galeria Aniela coup the front page Sydney Morning Herald, Australian National News ABC TV BOYD Family Focus, Australian National News ABC TV Perceval Retrospective, Sunday Afternoon ABC TV, Art-Scream SBS TV Blackman Retrospective. Featured on luxury magazines and international books, gallery built a reputation in Australia and the wide World, offering high-quality art of impeccable provenance, shipping worldwide. People focused approach ensures a rewarding experience, whether a first time buyer, a collector or an investor. Artists Arthur Boyd, Jamie Boyd, Lenore Boyd, Charles Blackman, John Perceval, John Olsen and more.

If you LOVE quality art of impeccable provenance the ART you want is at Galeria Aniela. Testimonials

VIDEO Exhibition Tour with Jamie BOYD

VIDEO Interview with the artist, Jamie Boyd



VIDEO National NEWS ABC TV BOYD show Galeria Aniela

VIDEO the ABC TV SUNDAY Afternoon ART program at Galeria Aniela


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Jamie Boyd is the renowned Boyd family most important living artist. His work is held by National Gallery of Victoria, National Gallery of Australia, Queen Victoria Museum UK, Tavistock UK, Museum Tasmania.

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Jamie Boyd (B.1948) art resonates worldwide.

paintings from the artist of impeccable provenance and Quality


The 60's, 70's until now

Jamie Boyd is the Boyd family most important living artist.

Museum-quality art of impeccable provenance

Shipping worldwide or pick up from Galeria Aniela

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22 April - 22 May 2016

Final works from the Studio

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Title: Alice in Wonderland Feet - Butterfly

Artist: Charles Blackman (1928-2018)

Exhibition: Final works from the Artist Studio

Charles Blackman is one the most significant artist from post-WWII up until today.

'Final Works from the Studio' exhibition  presents works on paper and includes pictures from series of Alice in Wonderland.

An opportunity to buy the last original artworks from BLACKMAN Studio of impeccable provenance and quality, shipping worldwide.

Blackman's painting Alice's Journey sold for $1,02 million|The AGE (21/11/2006) one of paintings from Blackman's 1950s series Alice in Wonderland.

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10 Oct - 31 Dec 2015

Exhibition: Mongolia Interpreted

Artist: Gankhuyag Dolgordorj

Opening: Saturday, 10 October, 2-4pm

Open by: John McDonald, Art Critic for the Sydney Morning Herald

Entertainment: Ukulele Choir “NukeM” Lively music for your pleasure

PHOTO: Khaliun Enkhjargal (left), John McDonald (middle), Aniela Kos (right)

"Mongolia Interpreted" facilitated by Jan Meek, former Senior Adviser National Gallery of Australia


Mongolia Interpreted is the first exhibition in Australia by a major Mongolian artist. The exhibition was curated by International Art Exhibition Co-ordinator Khaliun Enkhjargal.

Khaliun saw the artist raw talent. Gankhuyag has exhibited in Mongolia and Hong Kong with instant success.

An exciting exhibition, Mongolia Interpreted explores the artist's fascination with the myths of Mongolia's past as well as the vastness of the landscape and soft airiness of the natural fauna and flora - both of which govern the stroke of his brush and inform his choice of colours.

Gankhuyag has an inbuilt mastery of his canvas, which in many of the works is wood. The exhibition also has a series of masterful drawings that extend his theme in an exciting and moving way. His technique is both decorative and animistic at the same time mixing sand, stone mud lime, calcium and oils onto the wooden panel and then burning the images of the forest onto the highly toned and coloured surface. The result is magic!

PHOTO: Artist Gankhuyag Dolgordorj, Aniela Kos, John McDonald

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Due to popular demand Holliday’s exhibition, has been extended and will be on show until

 2015: 6 June - 30 Feb 2016

Robin Holliday 'DNA' Bronze SOLD

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Exhibition: Contemporary Sculpture - Once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Artist: Robin Holliday 1932-2014

Opening: Saturday, 6 June, 2-4pm

Open by: Roger Reddel MBBS, PhD, FRACP; Lorimer Dods Professor and Director Head, Cancer Research Unit;  Children’s Medical Research Institute

Entertainment: Ukulele Choir “NukeM” Lively music for your pleasure

Robin Holliday Contemporary Sculpture exemplifies Modernism

We encourage to see up-close online Holliday's incredible sculptures. Shipping worldwide usually dispatched within 24 hours, delivery in 3-5 business days.

For more information please call +61 2 4465 1494

The world’s greatest molecular biologists Robin Holliday PhD, FRS, FAA (1932-2014) made significant contributions to genetic research.

Robin Holliday was influenced by the British school of abstract. Holliday's instructors were famous sculptors Jesse Watkins and Mark Harvey and others had worked as assistants to Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Eduardo Paolozzi. His mentors also include Lynn Chadwick, Jesse Watkins and Reg Butler. Holliday contemporary sculptures exemplify Modernism in modern art. Robin Holliday's work is represented in many significant collections around the world: The  Royal Society in London, Institute Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, Children Medical Research Institute in Sydney, University of Sussex in UK, Rockefeller University in New York, Macquarie University in Sydney & more


Selected Major Exhibitions  

23 August - 26 October

'SMALL Sizes BIG Names' Opening Reception: 23 August 2014, 2-4pm

Arthur Boyd, David Boyd, Ray Crooke, Bogdan Fialkowski, Pamela Griffith, Patsy Long, Lily Lion, Audrey Morton, Lucky Morton, Ruby Morton, Judy Kngwarreye, John Olsen, John Perceval, Anna Timouth, Glory Mills Petyarre, Peggy Purvis Petyarre, Jeannie Mills, Dino Rogliani, Kinga Rypinska, Susan Weaver

until 26 October 2014


Selected Major Exhibitions  
12 April - 30 July 2014

Jamie Boyd (B. 1948)

'For the Love of Art' until 30 July 2014   PDF invitation

Jamie Boyd most recent work in our gallery showrooms

Meet the artist, Jamie Boyd, Saturday (2pm) 12 April he travels from London

Following a very successful career and prolific  2013 year, which saw Jamie Boyd travel from London for three major exhibitions in Australian Galleries, Melbourne, Canberra Beaver Galleries, Canberra and Red Hill Galleries, Brisbane, Galeria Aniela showcases the new release of modern paintings as well as highlights from his most collectable series of artworks - For the Love of Art exhibition.

we presently catalogue and photograph the artworks and update the catalogue as frequently as we can, please refresh the screen when you visit the next time.

Jamie Boyd has exhibited internationally as well as all over Australia and his work is represented worldwide including Queen Victoria Museum Gallery England, The Tavistock Centre London, National Gallery of Victoria, The Tavistock Centre, London, Bundanon Trust Collection, University of South Australia, University of Western Australia, Council Adult Education Melbourne, Gallery Tasmania, Art Bank Sydney.


Selected Major Exhibitions  

24 March - 30 Dec 2012

Arthur Boyd (1920-1999) son of William-Merric (1888-1959)

David Boyd (1924-2011)  son of William-Merric (1888-1959)

Guy Boyd (1923-1988)  son of William-Merric (1888-1959)

Jamie Boyd (1948) son of Arthur Boyd, now the most important living artist of the Boyd family

Lenore Boyd (1954) daughter of Guy Boyd (1923-1988)

Nathaniel Boyd (1983) son of Jamie Boyd


Exhibition: A Century of BOYD exhibition 2012

Opening: Saturday, 24 March, 2-4pm

Open by: Robert James Lee "Bob" Hawke, Sr. ACGCL the former Prime Minister of Australia

March 2012: Hon.Bob Hawke, Former Prime Minister of Australia, Aniela, Anne Maria Nicholson (ABC TV), Helena Boyd

An opportunity to acquire genuine works of art paintings and bronze sculptures of impeccable provenance and quality by some of the most important Australian artists.

Arthur Merric Boyd Senior (1862-1940) - 14 January 1886 married Emma Minnie à Beckett (1858-1936) they are the founders of the Boyd family. Emma Minnie Boyd (1858-1936) married Arthur Merric Boyd Senior (1862-1940) on 14 January 1886.Emma Minnie Boyd (1858-1936) daughter of Emma á Beckett Emma á Beckett (1838 - 1906) (nee Mills) the heiress of John Mills and wife Hannah. William Merric Boyd (1888-1959) was one of 5 children of Emma Minnie Boyd (1858-1936) and Arthur Merric Boyd Senior (1862-1940),  father of Arthur, David and Guy.2014

Selected Major Exhibitions  

March - May 2010

Arthur Boyd (1920-1999)

David Boyd (1924-2011)

Jamie Boyd (1948)

2010 Best of Boyd exhibition in Galeria Aniela

Exhibition: 2010 Best of Boyd Exhibition

Arthur Boyd with Aniela,visiting Galeria Aniela art gallery,1995   David Boyd born 1924 with Aniela in his Studio 

2010 Best of Boyd exhibition show works of art by three the most distinguished artists of the Boyd family. Works of art are for the public viewing and acquisition have made a lasting impression on those that experience it. The exhibition of 80 paintings and bronze sculptures

Officially open by Tim Goodman, the by Chairman Sotheby's Australia (2010)

VIDEO: ABC TV Sunday Afternoon, Best of Boyd exhibition in Galeria Aniela, Arthur Boyd, David Boyd, Jamie Boyd, Guy Boyd, Lenore Boyd, Tessa Perceval in Galeria Aniela.

VIDEO: ABC TV Australian National News, Best of Boyd exhibition in Galeria Aniela, Arthur Boyd, David Boyd, Jamie Boyd, Lenore Boyd, Guy Boyd in Galeria Aniela widely canvas by Australian media.



Selected Major Exhibitions  

May - October 2002

Charles Blackman (B.1928)

Charles Blackman and Aniela Kos, 2002, Galeria Aniela fine art gallery, NSW Australia

Retrospective Exhibition

VIDEO: Charles Blackman Retrospective in Galeria Aniela TV SBS Art Scream

the ABC Art News, ABC Net, Australian National News The Age, October

Officially open Rodney Menzies, the Chairman Menzies Brands



Selected Major Exhibitions  

19 August to 19 October 2000

John Perceval  (1923-2000)

John Perceval and Aniela Kos

Retrospective Exhibition

19 August John Perceval Retrospective Exhibition held in Galeria Aniela Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park, was officially opened by Justin Miller, the Chairman of Sotheby’s Australia. Perceval Retrospective included 80 paintings from 1946 to 1999. It was Perceval last Retrospective and shown on the ABC TV Australian National News.

Officially open Justin Miller, the Chairman Sotheby's Australia (2000)

VIDEO: ABC TV Australian National News, John Perceval Retrospective in Galeria Aniela

VIDEO gallery site: John Perceval Retrospective exhibition.

In 2000 Perceval 'Scudding Swans' sold for $552,500, was a record for a living Australian painter.

In March 2010 Perceval Scudding Swans sold for $690,000.


Selected Major Exhibitions  

1997 Best of Boyd exhibition 19 May-August 1997

PHOTO: Best of Boyd exhibition in Galeria Aniela was officially opened by the media magnet Cameron O'Reilly, Deputy Chairman of the National Gallery of Australia (18 May 1997).

PHOTO: (left) Jamie Boyd, (centre) Aniela Kos,  (left) Cameron O'Reilly, Dep. Chairman Australian National Gallery in Canberra opening the 'Best of Boyd Exhibition' in Galeria Aniela (18 May 1997).

PHOTO: Best of Boyd exhibition in Galeria Aniela

PHOTO: Artur Bpyd (right) Aniela Kos (left) in Galeria Aniela (1995)



Best of Boyd exhibition in Galeria Aniela coup the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald, (17/05/1997).

It was for the first time that the six members of the famous Boyd family exhibited together under one roof. The Boyd clan chosen Galeria Aniela to hold the major exhibition of 80 paintings and 40 bronze sculptures by: Arthur Boyd, David Boyd, Jamie Boyd, Guy Boyd, Lenore Boyd and Tessa Perceval.

Best of Boyd exhibition launched by Cameron O'Reilly, Deputy Chairman National Gallery of Australia son of media magnate Tony O'Reilly.

Best of Boyd exhibition was canvassed by the ABC TV Australian National News and the the ABC TV Sunday Afternoon. 

VIDEO: ABC TV Sunday Afternoon Best of Boyd exhibition in Galeria Aniela

VIDEO: ABC TV Australian National News Best of Boyd in Galeria Aniela.

PHOTO: Arthur Boyd (centre), Yvonne Boyd (left), Aniela Kos (right) in Galeria Aniela (1997)

'Best of Boyd' Exhibition in Galeria Aniela coup the front page the Sydney Morning Herald, (17/05/1997)

With a wide network of resources and over 20 years experience in the World Art Market we combine the knowledge of fine art and financial expertise. Galeria Aniela recognizes the importance of the buyer confidence in securing authentic, ethically sourced works of art of impeccable provenance. We offer an opportunity to purchase museum-quality original art by some of the most important Australian and Global artists, shipping worldwide. Whether you are a first time buyer, an enthusiastic collector or an astute investor, our people focused approach ensures an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Browse up-close gallery showrooms or purchase online, shipping worldwide usually dispatched within 24 hours, delivery in 3-5 business days.

We offer secure payment options in a safe and secure environment and we meet the terms of prompt professional communication by internet and telephone +612 4465 1494 and messaging +61 409 980 618 also WhatsApp







fine art is one of the most enjoyable and viable investment
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