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Jamie BOYD born 1948

If you love Art of impeccable provenance, the art you want is at Galeria Aniela

Jamie Patric Boyd is a renowned International painter and sculptor of a great inheritance. He began painting with his father Arthur Boyd. In 1960 Jamie graduated at London School of Arts. In 1965 Jamie Boyd won a Painting Award at Foundation Michael Karolyi, Vence Southern France.

Jamie Boyd is the most important living artist of the Boyd family.

Jamie Boyd work is held in museums collections including Bundanon Trust, National Gallery of Victoria, National Gallery of Australia, Queen Victoria Museum Gallery, Launceston UK, The Tavistock Centre London, University of South Australia, University of Western Australia, Guildhall School Music and Drama London, Artbank, Art Gallery Museum Tasmania, and featured in many publications: The Boyd's, The Art of the Boyd’s 1991 and The Boyd’s 2002. A monograph of Boyd’s work was published 1980 'Jamie Boyd Paintings 1965-1980'.





Landscape, Blue Sky and Birds
Oil on Canvas
120 x 90 cm

Price: $12,500  PURCHASE ENQUIRY

26. Cafe Encounter
oil on canvas
95 x 75cm


 Shipping Worldwide

20. Figure on Riverbank
 Oil on Canvas
75 x 60 cm


22. Figure on the Rocks
Oil on Canvas


Prices subject to change without a prior notice

12. Flowers in Pink Vase
oil on board
110 x 98 cm

Price: $10,000  PURCHASE ENQUIRY

19 The Table Lamp
Oil on Canvas
75 x 60cm


Shipping Worldwide

17. Flowers in a Vase
oil on board
90 x 72cm


4. Flowers in Glass Vase



  Jamie BOYD
  Seated Woman
Height: 37 cm

Price: $4,500  ENQUIRY

  Jamie BOYD
  With Child
  Height: 50 cm

Price: $6,500  ENQUIRY

Shipping Worldwide

Video: Jamie BOYD art

Prices subject to change without a prior notice

  Maureen Shoalhaven
 Oil on Canvas
  122 x 90 cm
Price: SOLD

  White Boat Shoalhaven (07-14)
 Oil on Canvas
  105 x 90 cm

  Tuscan trees
 54 x 70 cm
Price: SOLD

  34-16 Shoalhaven
 Oil on Canvas

  100 x 80 cm
Price: SOLD



Shoalhaven Rocks
 Oil on board
  122 x 92 cm

  40-16 River Boat
 Oil on Canvas
  90 cm x 91 cm


  Jamie BOYD
  4-16 Helena sleeping
il on Canvas
80 x 6
5 cm
SOLD $7,000

  Jamie BOYD
14-14 Young Girl
 Oil on Canvas
  58 x 50 cm


  Jamie BOYD
23-14 The Red Coat
 Oil on Board
  43 x 60 cm

  Jamie BOYD
Emerald Pot VIDEO
 Oil on canvas
  90 x 75 cm

Price: SOLD
  Jamie BOYD
29-10 Lovers
20 x 18 cm

  Jamie BOYD
30-10 Entwined
23 x 15 cm

  Jamie BOYD
Shoalhaven River Reflection
 Oil on Canvas
110 x 285 cm

The BOYD family began in 1886 with the marriage of Emma Minnie à Beckett (1858-1936) and Arthur Merric BOYD Senior (1862-1940) the family produced many writers, architects, musicians, sculptors: Guy BOYD and  Lenore BOYD, painters including Arthur BOYD, Jamie BOYD and David BOYD.


VIDEO Australian National NEWS


VIDEO Jamie BOYD show | Bob Hawke, former PM of Australia

VIDEO Interview with Jamie Boyd

VIDEO Jamie BOYD Tour his Exhibition



Jamie Patrick BOYD (B. 1948)

Jamie Boyd, son of the celebrated Australian artist Arthur Boyd, is an international and Australian painter and sculptor of a great inheritance.

He belongs to the renowned BOYD dynasty that began in 1886 with the marriage of Emma Minnie à Beckett (1858-1936) and Arthur Merric BOYD Senior (1862-1940).

Jamie Patrick Boyd is considered the most important living artist of the BOYD family.

The BOYD family holds a distinguished place in the arts in Australia, particularly in the fields of painting, sculpture, ceramics, literature and architecture. Spanning over 5 generations, the BOYD’s are the most successful family in the arts in the wide World.

Artist: Jamie Boyd photo (2022): Jamie Boyd

1948 - Jamie BOYD was born 19 November in Murrumbeena Victoria in 'Open Country', the house of his father and grand-grand-father .

In 1913 Merric BOYD’s parents bought a plot of land in the newly formed Melbourne suburb of Murrumbeena, on what was then the south-eastern fringe of Melbourne which Merric named Open Country.

1959 - With his family, Jamie BOYD moved to London in England.


1960 - Jamie BOYD graduated at the Academy of Art and Design at the public school in London he studied at the Central School of Art and Design, fine art and composition in addition to classical music.

Painting with Arthur BOYD, his father one of the most famous artists, Jamie began his artistic career painting landscapes of Hampstead Heath and the English countryside.

Wining a Painting Award allowed Jamie to study at Foundation Michael Karolyi, Vence France.

1966 - Jamie BOYD held his first solo exhibition at Bonython Galleries in Adelaide.

1967 - At age seventeen Jamie BOYD embarked on a full-time career as an artist and subsequently held exhibitions throughout Australia, Italy, Germany, Holland and England.

1978 - Jamie and his family spent a year living by the Shoalhaven River where, like his father, the river and the rock faces became the focus of some exceptionally beautiful paintings with tranquil landscape.

Jamie BOYD is an enthusiastic painter of the landscape and the figure that has gained international standing for his distinctive style and creative talent.

An acknowledged master-colorist and a skilled artist, Jamie BOYD distinctive paintings have often a dream-like quality. His work is acquiescent, tender and soothing and, vibrant images and figures emerge on his canvases.

Jamie BOYD is constantly challenging and redefining art medium through experimentation and play, resulting in intense and lyrical paintings. With wide knowledge of art, Jamie BOYD demonstrates a real virtuosity, he is equally accomplished across a wide variety of mediums including pencil, gouache, pastels, oil on copper, on canvas and on board and also bronze sculptures.

Jamie BOYD regularly travels from London to work at Shoalhaven the former the BOYD family home Bundanon that Arthur and Yvonne BOYD has donated to Australian people in 1993. A significant part of BOYD's 1993 gift of Bundanon was an extensive collection of artworks by Arthur BOYD, his family and peers.

Bundanon Trust is now the public art museum consisting the family art collection and Artists Residencies with Educational programs and Research & Projects - see

Living in London with his family, Jamie Boyd works in Europe and the Shoalhaven area, and each to complement the other. His work reflects both the enduring influences of the Australian landscape and a broad international sensibility.

At Shoalhaven,
Jamie BOYD is reunited with the beauty, fragility and strength of surrounding landscape. Substantial motifs of dense Australian bush are contrasted by the tranquillity of the Shoalhaven River, broken up by fallen trees, or flying birds.

When in Europe
Jamie BOYD travels extensively, often through Italy and France, re-discovering painters and paintings of the past. He questions what made their cities so paintable and wrestles with the cliché of painting such recognizable surroundings. Eventually, BOYD finds calmness in the landscape that allows him to re-discover the beautiful subtleties that existed for him to paint.

Jamie BOYD says:
“There is a fundamental difference between a person’s perception of a cypress-studded horizon in Tuscany and the same person’s idea of the Australian bush landscape. The European landscape evokes intrinsic harmony whereas the Australian does not. One is made to feel intrusive; the bush’s intimate fragility is disquietingly unfamiliar.”



1965 Painting Award at Foundation Michael Karolyi, Vence Southern France



Jamie BOYD work is represented in collections around the world including: Collections

Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston England

National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne

National Gallery of Australia Canberra

The Tavistock Centre, London

Bundanon Trust Collection

University of South Australia

University of Western Australia

Council Adult Education Melbourne

Guildhall School Music and Drama London

Artbank Sydney

BHP Australia

Boxer Collection Australia Art Gallery in Tasmania

more corporate and private collections



Since 1966 Jamie Boyd has been exhibiting in Australia at Australian Galleries Melbourne.

Since 1995 Jamie Boyd has been exhibiting in Galeria Aniela, NSW

Jamie Boyd exhibits his work in the following galleries:

Red Hill Galleries Brisbane

Beaver Galleries Canberra

Christopher Day Gallery Sydney

Chappel Galleries London and also in Italy, Germany and Holland.


Since 1860 The BOYD family family produced many painters, sculptors, architects, musicians, and writers, started with Emma Minnie à Beckett and Arthur Merric BOYD Senior. Other Boyd family artists include Theodore Penleigh, Martin à Beckett, William Merric, Helen à Beckett Read, William Merric, Lucy Gough, also Guy Boyd, Arthur Boyd, David Boyd and Mary Elizabeth.

Mary Elizabeth Boyd married John Perceval had 4 children Matthew, Tessa Perceval, Celia Perceval and Alice). Later Mary Boyd-Perceval married Sidney Nolan was Lady Nolan, trustee Sidney Nolan Trust.



Jamie BOYD work has featured in many books including:

Australian Art, 1975-80, Kim Bonython

A monograph ‘Jamie BOYD Paintings 1965-1980’ (1980)

The Art of the BOYDs, Patricia Dobrez & Peter Herbst

Creating of Self Portraits, T. Coats & M. Beazley

New Art Four, Neville Drury

An Antipodean Connection, G. Prampolini 7 MC, Hubert, Slatkine, Geneve

Modern Painters Autumn 1992

Bundanon Trust

Creating of Self Portraits, T. Coats & M. Beazley

The BOYD - Dr Brenda Niall AO (2002)



BOYD Videos and Reviews 

VIDEO: Jamie BOYD (B. 1948) International artist, in his London's Studio

PHOTO: Hon. Bob Hawke 23 Prime Minister of Australia & Jamie BOYD in Galeria Aniela (2012)

VIDEO: A Century of BOYD Exhibition with Hon. Bob Hawke former Prime Minister of Australia in Galeria Aniela


ABC TV Sunday Afternoon Boyd exhibition in Galeria Aniela Best of Boyd exhibition in Galeria Aniela (Click on the image)VIDEO: Best of BOYD Exhibition in Galeria Aniela televised the ABC TV the Australian National TV 'Sunday Afternoon Arts'

VIDEO: the ABC TV 'Sunday Afternoon' |gallery|


the ABC TV National News,  the Best of Boyd exhibition at Galeria Aniela May 1997Best of Boyd exhibition in Galeria Aniela (Click on the image)VIDEO: ABC TV Australian National News | Best of BOYD exhibition in Galeria Aniela open by Cameron O'Reilly, Chairman the Australian National Art Gallery Canberra

VIDEO: the ABC TV Australian National News | gallery site|


Arthur Boyd his wife Yvonne and Aniela in 1997 at the opening of the BEST BOYD exhibition at Galeria Aniela 1997The famous BOYD family can exhibit in any public gallery in London, New York or Paris yet, to exhibit together for the first time, Boyd's chosen Galeria Aniela fine art gallery. With warm support of Arthur BOYD, the Best of Boyd exhibition coop the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald (17 May 1997).

The Best of BOYD exhibition include six celebrated Boyd's family artists: Arthur BOYD and son Jamie BOYD and
David BOYD and Guy BOYD and
Lenore BOYD & Tessa Perceval.


Jamie Boyd, Cameron O'Reilly of NGA and Aniela, 1997PHOTO 18/05/1997:
Cameron O’Reilly, Dep. Chairman of NGA officially open the Best of Boyd exhibition consisting of 80 paintings and 40 bronzes for the pubic viewing and acquisition.

Many hundreds of people from around Australia and around the world view the exhibition of paintings and sculpture in the gallery and Sculpture Park.

The Best of BOYD show ABC TV Australian National News VIDEO

 ABC TV Australian National Sunday Afternoon |VIDEO

Reaching Beyond Time, Historic BOYD exhibition | PDF


   PHOTO: Jamie BOYD, Aniela Kos,  Tim Goodman, Chairman Sotheby's Australia 2010
PHOTO 1: Aniela, Hon. Bob Hawke, Blanche D'Alpuget, Helena BOYD;   
Photo 1: Jamie BOYD, Aniela, Tim Goodman

PHOTO 1: Jamie BOYD, Aniela, Helena BOYD   PHOTO 2: Helena & Jamie BOYD, Aniela, Anne Maria Nicholson
PHOTO: (2012) Jamie BOYD in Arthur BOYD Studio Bundanon Trust   q   PHOTO: Jamie BOYD & Blanche D'Alpuget 



PHOTO (2012): Hon. Bob Hawke, Prime Minister of Australia, Aniela, Anne Maria Nicholson, Jamie's wife Helena  

PHOTO: Yvonne BOYD, Arthur BOYD, Aniela Kos
PHOTO 1997: Yvonne Boyd, Arthur Boyd and Aniela


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 Founded in 1994, Galeria Aniela exhibited world-class artists and received celebrities including Sir David Attenborough, Cameron O’Reilly and Hon Bob Hawke, Australian Prime Minister. Galeria Aniela built a strong standing in Australia and internationally.

watch video Jamie BOYD exhibition

The BOYD family exhibition in Galeria Aniela coup the front page Sydney Morning Herald, Australian National NEWS| ABC TV and Sunday Afternoon |ABC TV.

John Perceval Retrospective won the Australian National NEWS |ABC TV.


Click on the picture & Watch the Video


The Boyd Family exhibition     The Best of BOYD exhibition      John Perceval AO Retrospective


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