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If you love Art of impeccable provenance, the art you want is at Galeria Aniela



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Christopher Day  Valuations  
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Annette Larkin Fine Art
Suite 4, 8 Soudan Lane
Paddington   NSW   2021
Mailing Address PO Box 933 Potts Point   NSW 1335
T:  61 2 9332 4614
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Annette Larkin (Director) - Approved to value for the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program - Australian painting, works on paper, prints and sculpture after 1788; Australian photography after 1940; Australian video, new media, digital art, conceptual, installation and performance art after 1970; Australian studio ceramics after 1950; Australian Indigenous painting on canvas and paper, and limited edition prints after 1980; Australian Indigenous new media, digital art, conceptual, installation and performance art after 1980; American, European and British painting, works on paper, video & photography after 1950; South East Asian paintings and works on paper after 1920; Indian paintings and works on paper after 1920; Asian and Indian painting, works on paper, sculpture, new media and photography after 1970; New Zealand paintings, works on paper, prints, photography, sculpture after 1900 (except traditional Maori Art); New Zealand video, new media, digital art, conceptual, installation and performance art after 1970. Member of the Australian Valuers and Auctioneers Association

Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants

T: +612 99777764
M: 0466 313 095

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Art Valuation Guidelines


"The masterpiece should appear as the flower to the painter
perfect in its bud as in its bloom
without no reason to explain its presence
no mission to fulfill"

James McNeill Whistler

To arrive at a specific monetary value involves research collecting data from multiple sources including:

  • Museums and commercial galleries purchases & sales
  • Art dealers sales
  • Curators opinions
  • National Galleries purchases
  • Auction houses record prices
  • Arthur Boyd in Galeria Aniela, for the first time  exhibiting together (under one roof) with family: David Boyd, Jamie Boyd, Guy Boyd, Lenore Boyd, Tessa PercevalExperienced art consultants
  • Corporate collectors purchases and sales
  • World art market purchases activities

Artwork value is created by reputation of the seller and history play the essential role of supplying attribution, establishing opinion and authenticating works of art offered on the World Art market.

These elements may affect an artwork value

  • Is the item you own, a museum-quality work of art?
  • Is the artwork scarce or otherwise?
  • Is the artwork historically important, it is illustrated / publicized?
  • Has it an influence or has it been influenced?
  • It is the artwork representative of the artist?
  • Is the artwork from the period of the artist high-acclaim?

Artwork value may be affected by

  • the artistic (and or esthetic) merit
  • the quality and the rarity
  • the provenance
  • the style, title, subject and the condition
  • the artwork size may not necessary qualify its price or affects its value
  • the nature of attribution including a scholar's opinion, as well as which scholar attributions


Art valuation is the process of estimating the potential market value of a work of art as a financial valuation, apart from an aesthetic opinion, subjective views of cultural value play a part as well.

The basic level of price determination, provides an estimate of the current market value of a work of art, is to look through the eyes of an art-speculator without taking into account the true value of a work of art existence for the pleasure its gives.

The Research and investigation of a work of art has a particular importance, firstly, to authenticate the artwork and secondary, to value the object.

Art appraisals to a great extent, depend on the advice and enthusiasm of a variety of specialized market analysts, curators, museums and commercial galleries.

Artwork value is enhanced by competition for the work, rarity as well as the current trend, taste, publicity, beliefs and style.

The art market's participants and other limitations dictate the size of the market and increase the risk that some items may be over or undervalued.

Comparative techniques are, seeing the objects at hand, expert opinions, investigation, study and the results of tests may also be used, but establishing provenance is essential.

The purpose of tracing the provenance of an object or entity is to provide contextual and circumstantial evidence for its authenticity, the original production or discovery, by establishing, its history, especially the sequences of its formal ownership, custody, and/or places of storage.

The World art market operates in an economic model that considers more than supply & demand, appraisals require continual research, works of art are not fungible like stocks.

It is a hybrid type of prediction market where artworks are bought and sold for values based not only on a work's perceived cultural value, but on both, its past monetary value as well as its predicted future value.

Unlike the volumes in the securities market where millions of people and firms participate in buying and selling financial interests, or the commodities market where measures of raw or primary products are exchanged using standardized contracts, art market activity largely follows the demands of a more limited array of private art collectors, museums, and large corporate interests as the principal market participants.


Galeria Aniela specializes in selling museum-quality artworks of impeccable provenance

Founded in 1994, Galeria Aniela has been exhibiting and hosting the world-class artists as well as receiving celebrities such as Sir David Attenborough, Cameron O’Reilly and Bob Hawke, 23rd Prime Minister of Australia.

Selling quality works of art of impeccable provenance, shipping worldwide, Galeria Aniela has built the strong standing in Australia and Internationally.

John Perceval Retrospective Coup the Australian National NEWS, ABC TV and Charles Blackman Retrospective conquer the SBS Art-Scream.

Galeria Aniela FINE ART | watch video

Galeria Aniela's BOYD family exhibition coup the front page of Sydney Morning Herald and Australian National NEWS, ABC TV and Sunday Afternoon, ABC TV.

 watch video Jamie BOYD ART


If you love Art of impeccable provenance, the ART you want is at Galeria Aniela.

When you purchase a work of art from Galeria Aniela, we immediately pay the artist, helping artists make a living with their creations. 

Whether you are a first-time buyer, an astute investor or enthusiastic collector, our people focused approach ensures an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Galeria Aniela combines artistic knowledge, expertise and attribution of a work of art with a wide network of resources.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you, please feel free to contact us to discuss ways in which Galeria Aniela can assist you now and in the future.

If you require an advice or consider buying an original work of art, we respond quickly helping you to save time and money.

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Fine Art is one of the most enjoyable and viable
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