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Founded in 1994, Galeria Aniela won the trust of some of the most important artists from the post WWII until today. We are privileged to offer for sale museum-quality works from significant artists including Arthur Boyd, Jamie Boyd, Lenore Boyd, Charles Blackman, John Perceval, Garry Shead, John Olsen, Ningura Napurrula, Nancy Nunguarrayi, Lily Kelly Napangardi, Minnie Pwerle, Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa, Mrs. Bennett and more. We recognize the importance of the buyer confidence to acquire art of impeccable provenance. Galeria Aniela exhibitions coup the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian National News ABC TV Boyd, ABC TV Sunday Afternoon, Australian National News ABC TV Perceval, Charles Blackman SBS TV built a reputation in Australia and the wide World.

If you love quality Art of impeccable provenance, the ART you want is at Galeria Aniela, Testimonials

WWOOF  Volunteers willing workers

please refresh the screen when you visit the next time

WWOOFing is strictly voluntary. Exchange is the key.  WWOOF HOST NE033 

We welcome a friendly volunteer who enjoys tranquility of the country and is happy to work 5 hours a day, in return, we PROVIDE meals and accommodation (large Bedroom with own bathroom).

Work includes Weeding, Mulching, Planting, Pruning and general house or garden assistance.

We treat everyone with respect and consideration.

A WWOOFer is an ambassador for the country of own origin, we look forward to Cultural exchange.

We invite for an initial visit of one week, that can be extended, if help is required and we get on well.

Our House is crafted from cool mud-bricks and warm timbers, set against the beautiful escarpment on eight acres of Sculpture Park, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

We are located 2.5KM to Kangaroo Valley village and a walking distance to Golf Country Resort.

We can pick up from the Berry Train station. 

Kangaroo Valley is between Berry, Nowra, 3 hours train from Sydney & Canberra or 2 hours drive.

The World’s most beautiful valley, Kangaroo Valley is a top 10 holiday destination in Australia.

WWOOFer Guidelines the golden rules for WWOOFing, a WWOOFer  - Share









Be Inspired WWOOF Australia is a unique experience.  Volunteers make fine contribution to Australia particularly in rural areas


fine art is one of the most enjoyable and viable investments

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