Galeria Aniela Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park


261A Mt Scanzi Road Kangaroo Valley NSW 2577 Australia  T: +612 4465 1494


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ABC TV Movie Best of BOYD  family exhibition; brothers Arthur, David & Guy, son Jamie, nieces Lenore Boyd and Tessa Perceval,  May 1997

ABC TV Movie John Perceval Retrospective exhibition August 2000


Galeria Aniela exhibitions widely canvas by the media - the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald, 17 May 1997

"Clan gathers for all-Boyd show - This is perfect said Arthur Boyd, I think we had better make a habit of it. Where better, then, to exhibit for the first time six Boyd's all under the one roof?  80 paintings and 40 bronze sculptures from members of the distinguished family opens in Galeria Aniela in Kangaroo Valley not far from the Boyd Shoalhaven home Bundanon, which Arthur Boyd and his wife Yvonne donated to the nation in 1993 by Angela Bennie, Arts Writer, the front page of Sydney Morning Herald  (see above), Saturday, May 17, 1997" - the Australian National News ABC TV, 17 May 1997 (see above), the ABC TV Sunday Afternoon, 18 May 1997 (DVD available), the ABC Art Snap-Shot, the front page of Sydney Morning Herald, 17 May 1997


Galeria Aniela  exhibitions has been widely canvas by the media; In 1997 The Best of Boyd Arthur Boyd Family Exhibition (80 paintings  and 40 bronze sculptures) featured on the Australian National ABC TV News (see above); ABC TV Sunday Afternoon (DVD available) and many more including the Australian National ABC TV Snap-Shot Art programs and lots more. JOHN PERCEVAL Retrospective exhibition was featured on the Australian National ABC TV News 2000 (see above); Charles Blackman Retrospective exhibition was featured on the Australian TV Channel 31 ARTS program, August 2002 (DVD available)


PIET NOEST PRESS - Maroondah Life,  February 2006

Southern Highlands PRESS, January 2006                   Illawarra Mercury Arts Review, The Weekender, 26 March 2005  

Aniela and Arthur Boyd in Galeria Aniela - North Shore Times Sydney - 26-04-1996